JF Strainstallprovidesmonitoring systems to support renewables projects, providing mooring load and structural health data to drive improved safety, efficiency and reliability.  

James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstallprovidesmonitoring systems for use in the renewables industry, which can either be integrated into an existing SCADA packageor installed as a standalone system.  

Our structural wind energy monitoring systems provide insight into the condition of a turbine foundation, warning of component wear and facilitating pre-emptive maintenance works. A combination of sensors measures displacement, inclination, lateral erosion, oceanographic changes and component deterioration without the need for regular diver and ROV inspections.  

Alarm-linked, real-time data immediately alerts operators to overload situations and to the possibility that structural stability may have been compromised, lowering the potential for offshore accidents.   

JF Strainstall also offers renewables mooring load monitoring systems to enhance design for strength and reliability, and to act as an aid during installation.   

With several systems installed on a number ofoffshore floating renewable applications, JF Strainstall offers a number of mooring load monitoring systems tailored to meet the requirements of the specific application. They range from the supply of a single load cell, pin,shackle or strain ring to a complete condition monitoring system.  

During operational deployment, ongoing mooring load monitoring mitigates the risk of underestimating loads and stresses that have the potential to cause mooring line failure. 

JF Strainstall also supplies Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS), a larger solution designed to integrate a number of monitoring channels into one single data acquisition system. Data from structural sensors and moorings will be collected alongside weather information, wave data, motion and position, ballast levels, WTG interfaces and export cable condition. This data in then stored and processed locally on the turbine and shared to the shoreside for review.  

This data provides both the technology designers and project developer insights into future improvements both to reduce cost and improve safety for the next generation of turbines.  


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 Renewables monitoring benefits:

  • Ensures live data-stream of information to verify the integrity of structure and/or mooring arrangement  

  • Provides critical data insights to accelerate value engineering to aid development, critical to reducelevelised cost of electricity(LCoE) 

  • During pre-commercial and commercial operation, can feed key data to assess efficiency and availability factors that influence up-time and revenue generation  

  • As part of a wider instrumentation system including digital twinning, can reduce risk and cost associated with deployment of operatives to offshore assets 

  • With the size of arrays increasing and working with insurance companies, has the potential to support increased levels of cover  

Renewables monitoring system features: 

  • Non-intrusive installation  

  • Plug and play solution  

  • Provides a real-time display  ofdata and warning thresholds 

  • Uses proven JF Strainstallproducts 

  • Reliable, low maintenance design  

  • Can replicate and replace an existing mechanical part or be a designed engineered solution  

Proactively supporting offshore renewables, JF Strainstall’s dynamic structural monitoring solutions improve operational safety and efficiency. 

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