JF Strainstall provides structural and geotechnical solutions to ports around the world.

Sector Ports and Terminals

Strainstall offer bespoke systems to monitor the conditions of quay walls, jettys and port infrastructure . Utilising a combination of sensors including strain gauegs, inlcinometers, crack sensors, settlement cells, pressure plates, corrosion sensors and load pins, port opertors are able to ensure the integrety of the port infrastructure to support maintenance strategies, whislt acting as an early warning system, to prevent any possible down time.

Data is collected through various wireless and IoT sensors around the port, into a single software solution, where the client can view real-time data through dynamic dashboads, and have the ability to generate reports of all sensors at any time. Alarms can be configured against client set thresholds which can be relayed into any existing client SCADA or other management systems in place.

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JF Strainstall
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