James Fisher Strainstall have been commissioned to install CrackFirstTM onto an INF 2 classified, multi-purpose cargo vessel.

James Fisher Strainstall (JF Strainstall) have fitted four of its CrackFirstTM sensors onto the Atlantic Osprey cargo vessel operated by the International Nuclear Services (INS). Accurately measuring cumulative fatigue in the vessel's hull it ensures operational efficiency is optimised. 

How it works:

CrackFirstTM is designed for use in welded steel structures. Consisting of a thin shim of material with a manufactured pre-crack at its centre, it is attached to the target structure close to a critical joint. Under the action of cyclic stress, the pre-crack extends in proportion to the cumulative fatigue damage for a welded joint subject to the same loading. The condition of the sensor then indicates the amount of design life consumed in the adjacent weld. This allows for maintenance to be determined by component usage rather than time so preventing unnecessary or tardy replacement work.

Optimising operational efficiency in this way, our system helps to ensure that this INF 2 classified vessel continues to transport its cargo of nuclear and non-nuclear materials unhindered by cumulative fatigue damage. 

JF Strainstall
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