Strainstall Middle East provide crucial monitoring of the Amiri Palace.

During enabling works for the new National Museum of Qatar, Strainstall Middle East monitored vibrations and ground water levels around the old Amiri Palace which sits at the heart of the new architectural development. Contracted by NSCC International, Strainstall continuously monitored and recorded vibrations to ensure no long-term structural damage was caused to this culturally significant building during the site preparation works. Existing cracks and ground settlement were also monitored on a weekly basis and diaphragm wall inclination measurements were taken during excavation and basement construction using a manual inclinometer. 

Conventional surveying techniques were used to carry out the monitoring and their impact underscored by the use of site based alarm systems to alert the contractor if given limits were exceeded. The versatility of this system was demonstrated when, during the construction phase of the project, visual alerts and SMS messaging notifications were added. In this way, contractors were able to receive real-time information about structural limits even when absent from site.

Throughout the underground construction process, our specialists were present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide on-site support so immediate action could be taken to identify and respond to the causal factors behind higher vibrations. Strainstall's involvement in this project helped to ensure that such an historically important building, and once seat of government, remained structurally safe for future generations.

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